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  What is Hi-Bor® Treated Lumber?

Hi-bor® brand borate pressure treated wood was developed to meet the special durability and termite protection needs of Hawaii. Introduced in 1992, Hi-bor products have become Hawaii’s building material of choice. Hi-bor borate pressure treated lumber and plywood has lived up to expectations. With over 20 years of unsurpassed performance, Hi-bor products have proven to be durable and dependable.

Hi-bor borate pressure treated products are protected from damage by termites and fungal decay. In addition, borates act as a broad spectrum insecticide, effectively controlling many insects, including ants, silverfish, and cockroaches. Borates work by interfering with the basic metabolic process of these pests while remaining safe for use around people and pets when used as recommended.


Hi-Bor® Warranty Information – Preserved Wood


Hi-Bor® U.S. 20-Year Limited Warranty against structural damage due to termites, carpenter ants, or fungal decay, for wood treated to a minimum retention per the warranty zone map.


Hi-Bor® Building Code Approvals – Preserved Wood


Hi-Bor® Pressure Treated Lumber and other wood products is accepted by the IBC and IRC under AWPA-UC2 and ICC – ES Legacy Report, ESR-2667 and meet all major model building code requirements. Hi-Bor® is approved by the City and County of Honolulu building department. It may be used for above ground sill plates and other interior, above ground applications as required by the IBC and IRC.


CLEAR-BOR GALLON    Clear-Bor F.T. End Treatment

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Hi-Bor National Evaluation Report (NER 648)

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